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by the Software Developer - MecSoft

VisualNEST is MecSoft’s cost effective solution for optimally arranging and fitting geometric shapes onto sheets of stock material. It provides two primary nesting capabilities: Rectangular Nesting and True Shape Nesting. For both solutions, individual 2D CAD shapes can be arranged on sheets according to user-defined quantities, spacing, and with orientation control, including material grain restrictions.


Rectangular Nesting is very fast and useful in cases where the 2D shapes are basically rectangular, such as nesting panels for the assembly furniture industry.


True Shape Nesting considers the true shape of the 2D parts to be nested and can place smaller parts within cutouts of larger parts and can also accept true shape remnants as material sheets. VisualNEST saves the resultant nested geometry for follow-up applications use such as machining or fabrication.


Download a DEMO version and find more information about this software product here:

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