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"Automation is our passion"



You want to integrate CNC machines in your manufacturing processes? You need a long-term partner with experience in that field? We have a team and KNOW-HOW to help you take the next step in your business development. Send us an inquiry and we will respond with an offering . . .


Controlling software for machines with CNC, CAD/CAM software for design and machining of products, as well as training sessions for each of those offerings.

Part of our partnership ecosystem are companies like Vectric(UK), MecSoft-Europe (Germany), ArtSoft(USA), Semis(BG) . . .

Mission: Machines with CNC - Great  productivity affordable to anyone!

Our goal is to offer effective and innovative solutions designed to increase your productivity, speed of work and quality of output, whether you represent a small or a big company!

The modular constructions of ADP allow for upgrade of standard CNC models and also allow us to design machines based on your custom specification and need.

Browse through out product line to find your future CNC machine. 


Inoovation is not only part of the Value Chain of ADP, but also part of our every day life. We always try to show innovative solutions for automation of industrial processes and in the same time provide affordable prices for a greater audience . . .


“ADP – Smolyan” is one of the few companies on the Bulgarian Market, which count on quality and long term relationship as a way for success.


For sure now, I can say that we are not only business partners, but also friends.


Special thanks to Mr. Kiril Mitov, Mr. Todor Mitov, and Rumen!


Thank you for the great job! 

Georgi Cenov, " Balkan Concept " Ltd,


Sofia, Bulgaria


Managing Partner

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