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"Automation is our passion"


CNC Center - adp.carve

Our woodworking centers with CNC differ in a few basic parameters - working dimensions, type of construction and maximum power of the spindles that can be integrated according to the model in preference. All machines are designed with highly technological modular construction, which allows for the later upgrade and addition of modules - "A" Axis (rotary table for machining 3D models with complex geometrical form), additional Z Axes for vertical/horizontal work, systems for instrument water cooling, vacuum tables, and pneumatic holds, etc.    

Working dimensions
600 x 800 x 130 mm.
600 x 1200 x 130 mm.
Technical specification of the base model:

- Working dimensions: X = 600mm.; Y = up to 1200mm.; Z = 130 mm.;  
- Speed of work along the X and Y Axes: up to 12 000 mm./min. (Limitef by software from 25 000 mm./min.)

- Speed of work along the Z Axis: up to 8 000 mm./min.

- Positioning precision: 0,02 mm.

- Highly technological aluminum construction. (Aluminum profiles “Item”, Germany)

- Portal made of aluminum profiles 120/40mm. (Aluminum profiles “Item”, Germany)
- Aluminum profile table, which allows for the fast and easy placement of stock pieces.
- The movement along all axes is established with powerful STEPPER motors controlled by micro stepper controllers made by the american company GECKODRIVE.
- The movement along all axes established through ball screws and linear parallels.

- Mechanical aluminum holds - 4 units.

- Router KRESS FME 1050 - 1kW.
- Controlling software MACH 3 by ArtSoft.

- Computer with licensed operation system - Windows 7 HOME(Refurbished).
- Operations stand with monitor, keyboard and PC mouse.

- Electrical box for control.  
- Integrated limit switches, callibration keys, and Emergency - stop.


Note: For additional OPTIONS and other components for integration, please click on the OPTIONS button below:





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