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CNC Center - adp.plasma

Working dimensions
1100 x 2100 x 160 mm.
1300 x 2600 x 160 mm.
1500 x 3000 x 160 mm.
Technical specification of the base model:

- Working dimensions: X = up to 1500mm.; Y = up to 3000mm.; Z = 160 mm.;  
- Speed of work along the X and Y Axes: up to 15 000 mm./min. (Limitef by software from 30 000 mm./min.)

- Speed of work along the Z Axis: up to 12 000 mm./min.

- Positioning precision: 0,02 mm.

- Highly technological aluminum construction. (Aluminum profiles “Item”, Germany)

- Portal made of aluminum profiles 160/160mm. (Aluminum profiles “Item”, Germany)
- Metal grid table with integrated system for easy and fast cleaning of waste metal and particles.

- 4 Zone Automated Sensor System for activation of the aspiration aggregate depending on the position of the cutter. 
- The movement along all axes is established with powerful STEPPER motors controlled by micro stepper controllers made by the american company GECKODRIVE.

- The movement along Axes X and Y  is established through pinion rack zero back-lash modules(developed by "ADP - Smolyan" Ltd.) and linear parallels.

- Syncronized shaft for the movement along the Y axis.

- Z axis with ball screw and double linear parallel.

- Controlling software MACH 3 by ArtSoft.

- Computer with licensed operation system - Windows 7 HOME(Refurbished).
- Operations stand with monitor, keyboard and PC mouse.

- Electrical box for control.  
- Integrated limit switches, callibration keys, and Emergency - stop.


Note: The cutting aggregate is not included in the technical specification and the price of the base model.

For additional OPTIONS for spindles and other components for integration, please click on the OPTIONS button below:





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