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"Automation is our passion"


About Us

“ADP – Smolyan” Ltd., is in the field of manufacturing of automatic industrial equipment, in particular CNC routers, woodworking machines with CNC, engraving CNC machines, lathes with CNC, plasma cutting machines and 3D scanners. Computer Numerical Control Systems (CNC) used in our machines offer real 3D working with the additional possibility of placing 4th и 5th axis. The company also offers services like re-equpment of machines with CNC, 3D scanning and production of elements with difficult geometry from wood, aluminum, magnesium, different types of plastics, and so on.


In the manufacturing and designing process of our machines, we emphasize on firm construction, which allows for greater loading, higher speed of work for maximum productivity, precision, attention to every detail, and prices affordable to maximum amount of users.


Our ways of reaching those goals:


  • High-tech Rigid Construction, which allows for great cutting power, fast working speed, and ensures maximum increase in productivity. Thus, allowing the customer to decrease production costs due to fast economies of scale, enjoy higher profits and have a faster return on the investment for the machine.


  • Great variety of models and work table sizes in different categories of CNC machines – we produce routers, woodworking centers, plasma/laser/gas cutters, machines for aluminum, custom made machines and systems for automation of mechanical processes. 


  • The pre-designed Modular construction of our machines allows you to start working with a base model and to upgrade it in the future with A Axis - Rotary table for complex 3D models, additional complete cutting heads with independent drives for horizontal/vertical work. This is a way for the customer to start with a smaller investment and develop further depending on the workload and the need of the market. More details can be found in the VIDEO section of this website.


  • Unique modules developed by the owner of the company - Dplm. Eng Kiril Mitov, which allow for movement along the axes on pinion racks with "0" (zero) back-lash. With those modules integrated in the machines, we can guarantee high levels of precision, fast working speeds, easy maintainance, and long-life. Our clients can produce high quality outputs and lower expences over the life time of the machine.


  • Additional option for integration, some of which - automated Tool Change, vacuum Systems, aspiratory devices, additional axes, and installation for all of those components. 


  • Integration of up-to-date and high quality software solutions for CAD, CAM, and Controllers. (VisualMill, Aspire, MACH3, etc.)

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