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"Automation is our passion"


Ready-to-install 3D gantry

"ADP - Smolyan" Ltd. offers its own engineered motion solutions. These are ready-to-install 3D gantry systems with many applications in building industrial robots and handlers, aggregate modular machinery (e.g. plasma cutters, laser cutters, woodworking routers, etc.).

Three-dimensional gantry:

  • Ready-to-install complete system, including CNC servo drive systems and software.

  • Zero-backlash guaranteed.

  • Near “0” cost of maintenance.

  • Elegant construction for compact space-saving.

Patented mechanism
Rack & Pinion Drive system

The company has developed its own solutions based on unique Zero-Backlash Rack & Pinion actuators (patented technology) for linear and rotary movement.


Some of its characteristics are:


  • High performance: Speed of movement above 2m/sec, bi-directional repeatability of +/- 0.005mm., and nominal strength of up to 2000N.

  • Low cost: The module has technical parameters of high-end ZERO back-lash products and in the same time is affordable to small and big size companies.

  • Scalability: The modules can be designed and manufactured according to customer preferences in order to carry the needed load and move at the desired speed.

  • Long life and low after-sale service: Due to the unique and highly-technological construction of the modules, they offer long life, low-to-none maintenance, and ease of use.

  • Flexibility: The modules allow for the integration of multiple carriages and axes to increase your productivity and diversify your operations.

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