"Automation is our passion"


Working with stone on a CNC machine has never been easier and more pleasant. The machine gives you unlimited opportunities for creating unique products and adding value to them. Engraving, carving of 3D sculptures, as well as many more opportunities can now be realized at high quality, speed of work, and affordable prices.

In this section you can browse through our offerings of woodworking macihnes for - profiling, pocketing, drilling, engraving and carving of wood. The presented models differ only in a few characteristics - sizes of the work table, spindle power(kW) and so on.

Workign with aluminium requires stable and precise CNC machine, which can transform raw materials into high quality products for use/integration.The machine that we have designed for this kind of work has a highly technological and already tested construction that responds to those characteristics - positioning precision in the range of micrones, fast working speeds, and measured quality of output.   

Fine cutting of sheet metal with either a plasma,laser or gas cutter. The machines with CNC for sheet metal, manufactured by ADP, provide you with guaranteed quality of output, great speed of work and great rise in productivity.